Basic software

Below is the list of basic software you need to install in order to join the OMP 2016 or 2010 server.

OMP 0.8.2 (Client and Server)


Orbiter 2016

OMP 0.8.1 (Client and Server)


Orbiter 2010 Patch 1

Required Orbiter addons for 2016 server

At the moment, no addons are being tested.

Required Orbiter addons for 2010 server

Because the OMP server is currently utilizing and constantly testing new addons for compatibility, this page will serve as an updating list of required addons. You need these to get the best experience on this server.

Keep checking here for updated information of compatible and required addons.

Note: the XR-series for Orbiter 2010P1 is not supported by the author anymore! We host the versions below for backwards compatibility only with explicit permission of the author.

OrbiterSound 4.0

Universal Cars and Cargos 3.0 (UCGO)


XR5 Vanguard

XR2 Ravenstar